Your Promoting Strategies Are Wrong And Here’s Why

Sup people.

In this post I’ll point out a few things that you are doing wrong, and what you should do instead.

Let’s start with what you’re promoting:

You should always be aware of what you are promoting and which product you’re promoting that will give you the best conversion rates. Don’t be a scrub and promote the first thing you see on ClickBank just because “it’s the first thing on the market place – lol – it must be good”

No. This mindset isn’t just stupid, it’s dangerous for your business.

It doesn’t matter if someone once got a conversion rate of 10% for a product, that doesn’t mean you will. You should promote the product that gives YOUR website and YOUR traffic the highest conversion. Do some split testing for different products.

The way you do this is for example having Product 1 up on your website for a week, then you take the hops and divide them by the sales made, or just check the ClickBank Analytics. Then you choose the product that gives you the highest profit.

Remember that the products conversions vary a lot depending on which type of traffic that you use, if it’s targeted, buyer targeted, cold, hot, or just sending random people to your website. The results will vary a lot.

If you’re doing Email Marketing then you can split test by sending two emails to your list, email about product 1 to half of the list and email about product 2 to the second half. See which converts the best and use that one for all your future Auto Responders.

And the last thing you should fix about your product promoting is actually checking if the product work before promoting it, I see far to many scrub nubs promoting 1 click instant cash softwares. The people promoting these deserve to fail. You don’t just go up against about 90% of all the Internet Marketers out there, which also promotes this, but if you get lucky and actually make a sale then there’s up to 75% chance that the buyer will do a refund, good game there, you just wasted $50 on promoting and the only thing you got was a pissed off costumer, great business idea, really.

If you don’t have the money to spend on the products then check the internet for reviews, no, not those reviews with affiliates 5 times in the article telling you that if you buy this then you will start getting 100 dollar bills sent to your home once every 5 minutes.

I usually Check the WarriorForum before buying any product, and I recommend that site for product reviews because people aren’t affiliated with the product over there.