Why Should an Affiliate Marketer Chose a Domain Name That Closely Relates to Product Promoted

In the world of niche affiliate marketing, it is common knowledge that you need to identify the name of your domain with the products that you are attempting to promote, with the idea that you want to maximize the exposure of your identity and products at the serp level.

It seems absolutely unthinkable to undercut yourself by not utilizing a name that closely relates to the niche that you want to work with. And it absolutely makes sense since, when you think about it, no one is expected to buy an electric guitar from a website with a name like oranges.oranges.

In affiliate marketing, naming your domain in relation to the products you promote not only makes sense, but it is a must. Everyone from the guru to the not so newbie knows it and will attest to it.
The reason being is that when a web visitor performs a search for a product or service and looks at the string of results coming back from the search engine, they will naturally pick the link that appears to be a psychological match between the product sought and name of seller.

Using a domain name that closely resembles your niche will also have the added advantage of long term name recognition. In which case your costumers will be able to associate YOU the seller, with the niche products being sold.

As a new affiliate marketer, it is often times too easy to fathom the inherent challenge of trying to harness that sought after stream of costumers that every droplet should add to a trickle until in the end you have that elusive stream.

In the end, should you make the climb to the top of the affiliate marketing mountain, don’t forget to smile if, one day from the top you decide to sell car audio from a website called tomatoes.tomatoes.