Web Traffic – Paid For Website Promotion Ideas For Great Traffic

The fact remains that you need traffic if you website is going to be successful. If people cannot visit your site, they will never buy what you are trading online. So, is web traffic worth paying for? The profitability of your online venture is based on how much web traffic you can command, irrespective of what you are vending on the website. Yet not all traffic counts here. Only targeted traffic can be converted to buyers of your products and of services. So, now should you pay for such targeted traffic?

Paid advertising for a website usually generates very targeted web traffic. It is a useful method when a website is trading in highly moving products and or services. Again, some programs like affiliate programs are as good free since you only pa for the sales achieved, and the cost is already factored in the price of your products and or services. Paid advertising is crucial when jump starting your free traffic, when launching a new website or when running a promotion on your website.

The paid for web traffic can be sourced using the following methods:

• Published URL’s

Publicizing the URL to a page in your site or the website address in full in magazines, newspaper and TV ads. This is usually not an effective method unless the URL is pretty short, memorable and catchy such that people will remember it

• Paid Inclusion

Paying for leads in relevant online newsletters and emails, also called paid inclusion. All you have to do is to get mass distributed newsletters, with voluminous subscribers. The ones you choose should be relevant to your niche such that the subscribers will be interested in what you have to offer. This is a pretty expensive method and can at times accumulate to thousands of dollars.

• Banner Ads

You can also buy banner ads to appear on other websites, which though not effective in generating targeted traffic, is cheap

• Pay Per Click

You can also advertise in the Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC) where you buy ads that generate traffic. You only pay when the searchers click on the ads and depending on the website on which you are advertising, a single click can cost between $0.10 to more than $10. this is among the most successful and cost effective method of paid traffic generation methods

• Affiliate Programs

You can also run an Affiliate Program. Affiliate programs are systems designed to channel traffic to a member’s website and or sales page on the website from other member websites. The affiliate’s websites earn a percentage when a sale is accomplished through their referral. This is even better than pay per click advertising since, in affiliate programs, you only pay after the sale is accomplished and not just when a visitor clicks on your ad.