Using Promotions As a Marketing Tool

Promotional items are a common element for marketing used by corporations so their brand or logo helps to increase the positive image of their business. Promotional products can reach your clientele through a variety of mediums ranging from trade shows, trunk shows, in-house promotions or through their own website.

Trade shows and trunk shows are common arenas by which businesses give away samples of products plus general information. This increases the organization’s visibility to a wide variety of demographics. When promotional products are large or of high value, they can often attract the media, which increases again your chances of standing out from the crowd.

Companies often promote items in-store. This can occur at a retailer’s location or at the corporation site. Often, the business will offer coupons or rebates so the customer will see a savings and at the same time marketing the business or specific product. Almost any item can be promoted in-store. Food items, vehicles, home d├ęcor products are just a few that are among the most common.

The internet now plays a large role in promo products, with many companies having a website to use as a tool to get the information about their items out there. The internet can play a great role in promotions. There is a fantastic advantage in using your website because you can reach a large number people at once.

Specific marketing items can be used as well. Such inexpensive items as buttons, bumper stickers, pendants or bracelets can have a great impact on a consumer. Larger items can be used as prizes for draws for purchasers. Different categories of purchases can place the purchaser in a higher valued draw encouraging the consumer to spend more.

Both large and small businesses use promotional products. Companies just starting up will often use this type of promotion introduce themselves to customers. A pamphlet, flyer, or brochure is an inexpensive way to promote for a small company with a limited budget. Larger companies can get into full marketing campaigns with lots or expensive marketing products in order to reach the maximum number of people possible. A widely used promotion scenario is the ‘Buy One, Get One’ sale using a coupon that can be downloading from their website and then taken to a retailer to be redeemed. This promotion idea is a two-fold approach first getting the client to your website and then to the store. This can be very successful as you have introduced the client to your product twice.

Promotional items can be a powerful tool for any businesses, helping you to reach the maximum number of people in a short space of time with a small amount of cost. This is a viable marketing strategy whether you are a small or large businesses, new business or been around for a long time. People love a deal and whether they receive a gift product or are invited to enter a draw, they are more likely to remember your product, your name, your logo.