Top Business Promotion Tips

Business promotion is a vital aspect of business and something that you should spend time doing every day. Planning how or actively promoting your business should be something you dedicate at least an hour to within your working day. You may be busy today but you need to remember that you may not be in the future, and you must be continuously searching for the new clients of tomorrow.

There are many ways to promote your business, and with a world that is now so highly connected, the communication of your businesses benefits and products doesn’t need to be a difficult task. There are many different media outlets, as well as printed advertising, and the internet has broadened the reach of so many businesses today. Your business message can reach the public via business cards, flyers, printed mugs and pens, websites, postcards, signage on cars or billboards and business logos on shopping bags.

Use everything as business promotion

Not only should you have business cards but you should include your business name, logo and message on every outgoing piece of paper and communication. Your business would undoubtedly send out invoices, letters and emails, so include your business information on all of these. Have a complete set of stationary that advertises your business. Printed letterhead, templates for faxes, receipts, envelopes and return address labels. Depending on your product you may have swing tags, stickers and labels and printed paper bags. Everything that comes out of your business should include business promotion.

Write articles

Magazines, journals, newspapers and newsletters are always looking for fresh content. Writing an article can provide you with free advertising, educate the public and also capture their attention for a few minutes longer than a normal printed advertisement will do. Depending on your business, write an article that relates to it, but also make sure you write about something that is of benefit to your readers. Provide them with information that will be useful to them, and hopefully will create a direct link back to you. Within your article mention your business and how it can satisfy your readers demand. Target your article to industry specific publications as well as to general magazines or newspapers.

Press releases

Another great free business promotional idea, sending out press releases is often standard practice for some businesses. If your business has expanded or built new facilities, has developed a new product or is simply a new business, let the public know via a press release.


Having a website for your business is essential in today’s highly connected world. So many people turn to the Internet for information and source so many goods and services online. Keep your website up to date and fresh, and make sure that it receives optimum traffic through effective use of search engines. Having a blog within your website is a good idea, which you can update regularly and keep in touch with your clients, as well as inform them of new products, sales and specials or innovations within your industry. There are many online forums you can be a part of and social media outlets, like Facebook, are great ways to communicate with your customers.

Joint promotion

Team up with another business, preferably one that complements yours, and whenever you send out a brochure or flyer, include one of theirs. They will then do the same for you. This way you will reach a whole new base of clients.

Give aways

Everyone likes to get something for free and it makes a fantastic business promotion. Giving away a product if a customer spends over a certain amount, if they order by a specific date or if they introduce another customer to your business are all good incentives for a give away.

Use your vehicle

Your car can be a great advertising tool. Sign writing on your car will ensure your business name is put in front of a wide audience, so having to travel a lot or being stuck in traffic will become an advertising opportunity. If you don’t want to write directly on your car you can order magnetic signs which stick on your car door and are easily removed.