Promotional Products – Where to Get Them

Having a hard time looking for a right promotional products distributor? It’s not a secret that these vendors are available online to which they share information about the products and its description, imprint methods, production time, and shipment. Also on the website you can upload your logo or design, and the customer service team receives it. A toll free number is available for any inquiries, including the company email address. These vendors accept wish lists, especially if you don’t find the products that you are looking for on the website. Calling the customer service hotline can give you some promotional ideas and can work on with your promotional needs.

It is easy to place an order from any of these vendors, given the same products that they offer to their customers. A company can be classified either they are a large distributor or a small distributor. Large distributors are more complex, with existing departments leading to sales, marketing, order management, art department and accounting. Whereas small distributors can be a one man show, and may be operating as a simple home-based business.

Large distributors on the other hand, may consist of more sales people because of the customer orders that they are receiving every day and sales people can be busy at times due to multi-tasking from receiving customer inquiry, emails, products research, prices and quotes, follow up orders, client cold calls and calling new sales leads. In that way, this may cause some implications to their work loads, thus not able to respond immediately to customer’s needs, especially when some of these customers have an event or trade shows and need their orders to be rushed. In Large distributors, phones may be busy because of some new inquiries and customers might wait for a longer period of time. The tendency is that, these clients may go elsewhere, a vendor who could attend to their immediate promotional products needs.

Volume calls at times may have the inclination that they could lose some customers for their business. Some sales people cannot respond immediately due to their responsibilities abound for them for their customers order.

I have been in the advertising industries for the past five years, and to my experience, it doesn’t really matter to me whether a customer is ordering from a small distributor, given that they offer the same products and services. It is good to place an order with small distributors who need a break, because they are still building up their customer base. The drive to impress customer is there so that they will always come back for re-orders. Aside from that, organizational structure may not be complex because one person can do everything that large distributors are doing. They may have few customers and few calls, which is why they could attend to customer’s need immediately. Especially if it is a rush order, they can be more dedicated and more assertive, regardless of what products the customers are interested in.

Since most of the large distributors have the same products and services, they may differ from how customer service is delivered.