Promotional Lip Balm – Helping Keep Lips Moist While Promoting Brand Awareness

Not that many companies think up of original ideas for promotional items and the use of a promotional lip balm is as original as they come. Using a lip balm or lip salve as a promotional item is ideal for companies that have services that take people outdoors or when they have products that are meant for the outdoors like sports gear and such. You can capitalize on this promotional idea by using these lip protecting products for your own marketing purposes.

Unique Kinds of Promotional Lip Balm Ideas

When you use a promotional lip balm for your marketing ideas, you can actually use these together with other promotional products that have the same kind of purpose or usage. For example, you can package this with a sunblock lotion, sun visor, and a protective umbrella, all of which are products made for sun protection. Here are a few more ideas you can use with a promotional lip salve:

  • You can pair this lip balm with a pair of inexpensive sunglasses for a double protection package from the sun.
  • You can also pair your lip salve and your sunblock lotion with a beach ball or beach towel for beach purposes.
  • A wide brimmed hat can also come with your flavored lip balm and you can place this in a see-through plastic bag with a pair of rubber flip-flops that have your logo or company name on it.
  • Another worthwhile idea that includes a promotional lip balm is one where you can collect all of the different colors and flavors that your company has to offer. You can avail of one lip salve for a minimum purchase or for a certain product purchase.

Different Kinds of Lip Balms

You can use lip balms in different flavors for this campaign of yours and these flavors come in many different colored tubes that have your company name or logo on them. These can even become collectibles if you print different mascots on each tube or flavor type and you can also have the top made in a novel form like the fruit flavor the balm.

  • Another idea for your lip salve marketing giveaways would be to have these as convenient attachments for key chains or have them made into key chains themselves.
  • You can also make these promotional lip balms into prime items if you use branded balms for your giveaway choices and have these given away for people who accumulate a certain amount of purchases from you or if they buy a particular product from your line.