Promotional Gifts – Learn How to Create an Instant Connection With Customers

Many people overlook the bright side of practical and affordable promotional gifts such as travel mugs and eco-friendly shopping bags, which are two products that are carried in the public vicinity, thus attracting a lot of attention. This translates into cheap business promotion and the possibility to win more clients as this counts as a vote to your business. It has been proved time and time again frequently used promotional gifts like this tend to get great exposure.

Apart from these two gift ideas there are car bumper stickers, t-shirts with witty slogans, umbrellas with a business logo, aluminum water bottles bearing your company’s motto and many other novelty gift items that make effective giveaways.

Depending on the type of business you conduct and the size of your customer base, you can pick from various gift items according to your client tastes and budget paying close attention to the relation of the products with your company’s services. You can start with trying to visualise things you imagine will be appreciated and enjoyed by your customers and then buy products that can incorporate basic business info on them, which are likely to be used frequently.

The whole idea of picking a promotional gift that is used repeatedly for reinforcing your business ensures continued association of your services with the gifted items, so users are constantly reminded of the value of your business. These are effective business promotion methods for increasing your market presence and growth, especially useful if you have launched a new product.

From promotional pens to branded crystal ware, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on whether you intend to gift these to associates, clients or employees. The more useful a product is for the recipient, the more likely it is to be appreciated and positively affect business development and productivity. So choose appropriate ‘ambassadors’ of your business when selecting gifts for promotional business efforts. For example, those offering computer related services can invest in mouse pads and pen-drives bearing their corporate logo; those in the real estate business can present miniature house shaped key chains, manufacturers of cosmetics can package travel size toiletries bearing their logo, while those owning a food business can order customised magnets with a graphic of their delicacies etc.

Think of promotional gifts as your way of showing your appreciation for a talented workforce, thanking clients for their continued patronage and for also bringing in new trade, as everyone loves a freebie. For one thing, if your promotional gifts have a certain value for employees, it is also an effective method of encouraging healthy competition among your workforce, if the reward of these are to obtain certain targets. Professional efforts of the workforce will naturally increase in order to compete with rivals, in exchange for the gifts in the coming year. For another, customers will feel appreciated and inspired to avail your services whenever a need for them arises, especially with promotional gifts around them that create a visual, powerful contact with your business.

For a confectionary business, there are many choices of sweets that can be embossed with the corporate logo, for departmental stores, there can be personalised clothing, for a photography business, picture frames or photo-gifts. These are just a few of some great promotional ideas.

The size of the gift doesn’t matter as much as its utility for the recipient, so don’t forget to determine the user need and preferences, besides the association of the promotional gift with your business, when you go about your next promotional gift program.