Promotional Dog Lead – Brand Awareness Through Dog-Loving Clients

You might have a number of clients and employees who have dogs, and one of the things that these people use with their dogs are leashes and leads. Giving out a promotional dog lead to help increase brand and company name awareness is a good idea since these items are very useful, very visible, and are relatively cheap, depending of course on the kind of strap you order.

Getting Your Brand Out There

A promotional dog lead is a good idea for getting your brand seen by people since a dog lead is used every day, and people see it on these dogs that are being walked every day. This is one subtle yet constantly visible way to get your brand or your company name seen by people. You will simply need to find the right kind of leash to use for this promotional item, and there are quite a few kinds and types of leads to choose from.

Different Kinds of Leads for Man’s Best Friend

When you decide to include a promotional dog lead in your list of promotional items to give out to clients and employees, there are a few considerations you may need to make. Here are some of them:

o Cost. The cost often hinges on the kind of lead or leash you decide on getting. The costs also change with the number of leads you purchase. Some of the styles that you can consider for this kind of a promotional item include retractable leads, simple flat nylon cord leads, fancy light up leads, and even embellished leads. The cost of these leads will depend on the kind of dog lead you order and whether or not they are simple leads or fancier leads.

o Color. The color of your promotional dog lead is another consideration you have to make. There are leads that come in solid colors like blue, black, red, and brown that can show off your company’s brand or logo well enough once printed on them. There are also a number of other not so plain colors that you can choose from like neon or pastel colors. They could also come in various patterns.

o Length. The length of the lead you choose for your promotional dog lead giveaways is also another consideration you have to make. Some people like longer leads and leashes, while others just want a reasonably long lead to help them with walking their dogs.