Marketing Your Product Effectively Through the Use of Articles

When a company has developed a new product, one of the most difficult decisions is how to spread the word to potential customers. Articles highlighting the important information and features are a great way to draw attention to your new product. The “marketing mix” strategy can be a useful tool to utilize when determining how to best establish your place in the market. Many articles are available that outline this strategy in detail. The marketing mix includes the four P’s – product, price, placement and promotion. Obviously, description of a product is essential and is the most important element of a product promotion article. The placement element of the marketing mix strategy refers to placement of products in the market, but the placement of your product promotion article is equally important to consider. Make sure to place your article somewhere where potential customers will likely read it. To find strategies on reaching likely potential customers, articles on niche marketing will be helpful.

When writing an article about a product, the use of search engine optimization or SEO can be an extremely helpful tool. This practice consists of using certain keywords in your article in an attempt to increase the number of times the article appears in searches in popular search engines. When attempting to attract customers, it is a wise practice to use keywords for which those interested in similar products would likely search.

When describing the product, make sure to mention specific features of the product that make it beneficial or different and stand out from other similar products on the market. Mention comparability to other similar products. Even mention price if you believe you can do so in a beneficial way. Make your article into somewhat of a review and compare your product, to an extent, to other those of competitors. The idea behind doing this is to take the work off of the prospective customers’ hands. If potential buyers can find important information up front from your article, they will not have to go searching around themselves. This takes away the possibility that consumers will look up another product and fall for it instead. Think of yourself as the user and be sure to answer any possible questions or concerns that may keep a customer from buying the product. Once a customer decides to look up information at a later time, the chances of that person actually doing so and returning to buy the product are slim, so it is best to answer all questions at once. For example, if the product is an electronic, with which other items is it compatible? Is an adapter needed? What special features make your product more convenient or different to use than others?

Simply describing the product is not enough to inspire a sale. Offering a specific deal, or even a rebate, is definitely something that will make a person more likely to purchase your product. The article must end with clear instructions for buying the product, such as an easy link that takes the reader to your webpage. Do not leave it in the customers’ hands to look up how to find the product – chances are they will not take the initiative to do so, or they may find a similar product elsewhere in their search.