Marketing and Branding For Your Product Promotion

Marketing and branding are two different things that have one same purpose to up selling the product through a good strategy. While marketing do its strategy through campaign, sign board, brochure, advertising and so on, branding do its strategy through a name, sign, symbol, slogan and anything that could identify the specific product, service or business and to build the image of the product, or the service or the business itself.

Which one is more difficult, doing marketing strategy or branding strategy? I guess both are the same since they have their own difficulties that need to be solving out together. A lot of people already knew a bit about the strategy in Marketing. However not many people know about this branding strategy. They thought branding means just to introduce or to give the name of the product.

Marc Gobi, the designer, photographer, filmmaker, respected author and public speaker said that emotional branding is a new paradigm for connecting brand to people. Craig J. Thompson – the professor marketing at Wisconsin school of business said that emotional branding is a key to marketing success. So from the opinion of these two experts, you could know that branding is something that you need to prepare before setting the marketing strategy because developing a brand strategy is the most difficult one in marketing plan.

If you would like to start developing your brand, you should understand these points first; first of all you need to have primary target customer or client, second you need to be aware with the competition and able to set strategy for that, third, you need to mixture the product and the service, and the last one you need to fine a unique way to sell your product.

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