Inspiration For Direct Mail Advertising, Marketing and Promotional Ideas

With the recession biting deep, advertising and marketing budgets are being asked to produce more for less and creative professionals are wracking their brains to come up with new ideas to make business-to-business marketing efforts hit home. The $64,000 question is, “Where do we look for inspiration to produce a successful direct mail campaign on a reduced budget?”

The answer is not easy as there are so many different things to be considered but there are certain things that are given in this instance. The product or mailer that is chosen for the direct marketing campaign must be relatively inexpensive to produce. The product must be innovative to capture your customer’s attention. It must have impact to grab your customer’s attention. It must be versatile inasmuch as it can be made to fit your advertising or marketing message and it must be suitable for custom printing so that it is a totally unique, bespoke product.

With those guidelines firmly in place there is one product area that can offer inspiration, namely, pop-up and interactive mailers made in paper and card. There are specialist suppliers – mainly printers with specialist cardboard engineering skills – who offer many creative, innovative, new and fresh direct marketing ideas throughout their ranges of promotional pop-up products.

Direct Mail Ideas added to Paper Ideas make winning Direct Marketing Campaigns

Most manufacturers’ selections of promotional pop-up and interactive products will set a creative mind buzzing with exciting advertising ideas. The high impact characteristics and vitality of the automatic pop up products alone are enough to prompt the creative juices to flow. For instance, all automatic pop-up marketing products jump to life as soon as your customer opens the pack. The very action gives life to an abundance of creative advertising ideas and suggestions such as growth, life, fun, surprise, bounce, vitality, energy and action for example. A number of suppliers also suggest ways to add longevity and fun to automatic pop-ups by adding fun extras such as wobbly die-cuts or turning the automatic pop-up into a penholder.

Unique, Creative Marketing Ideas

Translating unique and innovative marketing ideas into a direct mail campaign is quite definitely an art and promotional pop up products will help to transform creative marketing ideas into reality. The marketing professional’s imaginative ideas and use of simple paper and cardboard engineering techniques is the key to making a unique marketing product. Coupling a creative idea to the movement in the pop up product can provide the key to the creation of a highly individual piece of promotional marketing. From there onwards, the road to a successful promotional marketing campaign is straightforward.

Whitney Woods is a leading manufacturer of pop-up and interactive products for advertising and marketing.