Get Your Logo Stepping With a Promotional Pedometer

Health is a big issue for many people today. They are trying to eat foods that are better for their health as well as exercising more. This makes a great target for marketing and promoting your business. Using “health-conscious” items to promote your business is a splendid idea. A great item to use is a step counter. It is small, low-cost, and it shows the community that you and your business support healthy lifestyles.

Step counters are also known as pedometers. What they do is take count of how many steps a person takes in a day and sometimes they can also calculate the distance walked, the amount of calories burned, heart rate and much more. There are even step counters with AM/FM radio for those people who listen to music while they walk and there are also talking pedometers. Every so often they will announce the number of steps taken which is great because the person using them doesn’t have to stop to see their progress. Talking pedometers are also great for those people who have trouble with their vision.

Custom walking pedometers are great items to help encourage people to walk and keep them active. Studies have shown that walking pedometers motivate people to walk and also helps to keep them at it. It helps them to get out there, set new goals, set their own pace, and feel great about themselves.

Walking can also save money and can cut down on gas emissions given off by cars. By walking to the store or to work they no longer have to pay for gym membership fees. They aren’t driving the car to work or to other places, which can cut gas emissions given off by the car and help save money on gas. Help lead the way to a greener earth by giving your customers customized pedometers.

Promotional pedometers are also great gifts for the employees. Walking produces a chemical called serotonin which is a feel good hormone. With more people feeling good in the office, the better the office will run. Also, walking helps create healthier lives by boosting the immune system. With the immune system working, people are less prone to illnesses. This, in turn, leads to less sick days and more productivity.

Promotional step counters are also great for medical company campaigning. It will help them promote their products while also promoting health to the community. It is a very unique way to get your logo up and running.

Using pedometers as a promotional tool is a fantastic idea. By providing these to the public you are providing them motivation to walk and be healthy. They are great items to help make getting fit easier and more fun. It is something that will always be used by workers, friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else.