For Effective Promotions – Know Your Audience!

To send the most powerful message with your promotional giveaways, be sure to tailor your gift to your target audience. Giving pencils to people who use pens is pointless… and pointless pencils don’t write! Knowing your audience is the single most crucial element in all business communications. And when you’re giving away promotional items, communicating with your target audience can be fun and rewarding.

However, when coming up with promotional ideas, we sometimes lose sight of our audience and message. So, think bigger than the simple demographics of age range and gender and you’re on your way to a successful promotion.

First, consider whom you’re trying to reach. Possibilities include:
Existing Customers
Potential Clients
Loyal Employees

Maybe you’re preparing for a tradeshow so your audience is “potential clients.” So, you look for something useful and attention getting to stock your table. But for an extra touch, motivate your sales staff by arming them with the Talking Pen, a fun tool that can help them get the attention of potential clients.

Then, ask yourself what you want to say to your audience. Possibilities include:
We know you and care about you.
We can make your life better.
We appreciate all you do, keep up the good work.

Each audience has a different need. The tradeshow audience needs a reason to stop longer than normal at your booth. But, let’s look at a different example. Maybe you want to inspire loyalty in your existing client base. Let you clients know you care about them with something personalized to their lives. For example, you could give away Eucalyptus & Spearmint Stress Relief Lotion during the busy season to let your clients know you understand that their lives are stressful.

Your gift speaks loudest for you when you first consider what products your audience members like or use. Possibilities include:
Useful tools
Playful items
Luxury gifts

The challenge is to find a common bond the individuals in your audience share, and capitalize on it. Say you want to reward your sales team with a gift. A mug is a solid, logical choice. However, if your sales people are on the road, often reading roadmaps late at night or navigating motel parking lots a better choice might be the Cellphone Light. Putting in a little extra thought makes for a powerful message.

Lastly, be clear about the message you want to convey. Possibilities include:

If you want to tell your clients you appreciate their commitment to your company, give them something beautiful that they can incorporate into their lives. You don’t have to go overboard. A little thought will always make you stand out against the competition.

Naturally, all business and audiences are unique. However, these examples can help you brainstorm your specific and unique marketing challenges. A deliberately selected gift always says that you care. And when your audience gets what they want, you will too.