Doctors Should Use Promotional Products Like Dentists Do – 5 Ideas How

I think doctors should give out promotional items like dentists do. We reveal more and pay more to a doctor than we do a dentist, and a little gift would do much to sweeten a doctor’s office visit. Not only that, but a doctor’s office is a business and the goals of better patient retention, increasing patient visits (the health maintenance type) and improving the health of a patient, can be accomplished with a well-orchestrated marketing plan.

Most doctors give out some freebies-but they tend to be prescription drug company samples, and that promotes a particular pill, not the doctor’s services. A better marketing package would add the free pill sample to a bag with a brochure encouraging patient visits for health maintenance, like annual exams or vaccinations. Of course each brochure (and perhaps pill sample) should include a stamp or business card with the doctor’s office information on it.

A good marketing plan would also add a memorable promotional item to the bag. Promotional products that show the doctor cares and that are inexpensive enough to be handed out liberally are ideal. Here are five suggestions:

1. Pill holders-Pills and vitamins get taken daily and so a logo on a pill holder gets noticed every day. Because of its daily visibility, this is one of the best promotional products a doctor could give.

2. First Aid Wallet-This promotion has a business card-like imprint space and its small size makes it very useful (it won’t get thrown away). It has an Advil and antacid packet, three antiseptic towelettes, 4 bandages and a first aid cream packet and adhesive pad. Perfect for on-the-go first aid needs and the patient remembers the doctor when they’re hurt.

3. Child I.D. Kit-This promotional product has an ink strip for fingerprinting, a place for vital information and a personal record-keeping folder all contained in wallet size. Memorable and caring, patients will keep it around.

4. Bandages in a Dispenser-only five bandages (like Band-Aids) are in these colorful dispensers, but its size makes it perfect for the purse or diaper bag. It’s an inexpensive promotion that won’t get thrown out until the bandages are gone.

5. Imprinted baby keys-I think this one is perfect for patients with babies. The logo is printed on a tag hooked onto toy baby keys. Babies like chewing on toy keys, and parents see the logo every day as baby plays. Great logo placement for family doctors.

These five promotional ideas are only a few out of the hundreds of promotions doctors could feel good about giving to their patients. Patients would love to have any of these small gifts in a goodie bag, and doctors can show they care while promoting their business at the same time.