Custom USB Drives – 4 Very Effective Promotional Ideas

USB drives are practically everywhere. They’re cheap, highly usable, versatile and most of all portable. These qualities make flash drives a definite must-have for anyone wanting to do anything, and that’s not even approaching exaggeration. It’s no surprise then that marketing and advertising professionals have latched on to the idea of giving them to potential customers and stakeholders any chance they get. This has proven to be an economical, practical and above all highly successful way of driving company sales, brand awareness and even loyalty.

Of course, some strategies are more effective than others. Here are the top four action-ideas most businesses can use to maximize the benefits of custom usb drives.


Who doesn’t want a free product? Better yet, a free product they can actually use for storing their work files, music, and any other documents they want to have with them all the time. These are powerful benefits your customers can enjoy with custom flash drives. And for your business? They’re sure to push your sales up if you offer these nifty gadgets to current and prospective customers for free if they purchase one of your products or services. Go ahead and stamp these free custom USB drives with your business logo and branding images. You can even pre-load the drives with your latest product catalog, promotional videos and other marketing collaterals.

High-Tech (And Useful!) Calling Cards

If you or your employees regularly make cold sales calls to offices, or frequent industry conventions and meetings, then you’re bound to meet a large pool of potential clients and business partners. While traditional calling cards are still very much acceptable, supplementing it with a custom USB drive is a great way to make a first impression. There are even some custom USB providers that offer to combine the two, with an eye-catching calling card design bearing your company’s branding and contact details incorporated with a working flash drive.

Product or Solution Container

If you’re in the business of selling software, videos, courses, music or games you’re probably aware of the hassles of selling them offline or in traditional stores. The packaging is almost always bulky, and retailers are getting more and more concerned about maximizing their retail space. These two things often result in your products getting relegated to non-prime retail locations resulting in fewer sales and lesser branding potential. Also, putting your digital products on compact discs almost always ends up with several batches of damaged or otherwise unusable products which can frustrate your customers and give you headaches, lost sales and poor reputation. A smarter alternative is to have custom USB drives contain your digital products. They’re significantly more durable and they take up less space than CDs.

Employee Giveaways

The importance of making your internal customers happy has never been any less important in this day and age. Your employees will appreciate receiving a custom flash drive that can help them do their work better and more efficiently. It can also go a long way in creating a stronger identification with your company and culture among your employees. After all, they are the best ambassadors for your products and services. Match their custom drives with a company-issued lanyard or keychain and they’ll be more than happy to wear it even outside the office, further increasing your brand visibility.

These strategies have been proven effective in boosting sales, loyalty and awareness to many businesses, big and small. Feel free to test these strategies on your business and see how they’ll help improve your bottomline. Just make sure that you find a provider that offers a good price for reliable USB drives and gives you the freedom to design it the way you want to.