Concept of Promotional Marketing

Marketing is not just a tool for businesses, it is a necessity. There is not a chance of the business surviving very many days without proper marketing involved. Marketing can be as basic as word of mouth publicity. However the basic idea is the same- Promotion.

Promotion means to increase the awareness or popularity of a product, an idea or the venture among as many people as possible. Promotional marketing has many aspects and all of them deal with presenting the product and the company to a wide range of people to create a target customer group from it. Some of the essential aspects of promotional marketing are as follows.

  • Launching of the company or the product in the market is the first and the most crucial step in their promotion. After all first impressions are often last impressions and in a market that is very fickle and totally ruthless a bad first impression can ruin the future totally. With this in mind the launch becomes a very big occasion and sometimes they are promoted just so, to create a buzz so marketers will use all sorts of media to promote the launch e.g webinars, how to videos, direct mail, magazine ads e.t.c depending on what type of business and product a combination of on and off line marketing is always recommended. The idea is to bring the company/product forward with a bang. It gives the company an edge over its competition.
  • Brand image is the next step and it is almost a constant step throughout your company’s lifespan. The image that the product or the company has will be responsible for the target audience to a great extent. The image is created keeping in mind the fine points that will appeal to the intended customer mass. This categorising can be based on age, sex or location of the customers. Sometimes it can be the moods or the palates. However, the image has to appeal to these categories and then the image should not be stagnant. The general essence should be the same but the outwards picture has to be developed, improved and built upon.
  • Brand promotion is a vital step and it markets the product in the most favourable fashion that it can. This step involves different media and advertisements to increase the popularity of the product. There is video that can be placed on youtube. There are print ads that find their way into nich newspapers and glossies. Then there are PPC banner and Facebook internet advertisements. They direct the web media traffic towards the product or the venture.
  • Budgeting the promotional marketing is very important because promotion is an investment. The bigger the promotional campaign the bigger you can expect your business to grow. It depends on the simple principle that the more people know about the product the greater the sales.

Promotional marketing is no doubt the tool that helps a company to build a reputation and client list. These are two of the most important factors for any successful venture. The trick is to concentrate on clever marketing to try and convert maximum interested public into sales.