Brand Marketing Promotion Ideas

Branding is the ultimate advertising. You give your audience exactly what you know they already want. So for a successful brand marketing promotion, you need to know what product or service really appeals to a niche market. What do prospects consider memorable and remarkable about it? What unique motivation drives them to distraction? What measurable value do they place on owning a dependable – if not spectacular – niche product (on a scale of 1 to 10)?

Learn about your target audience’s expectations and how they make decisions. Do they differentiate mostly based on their own logic and experience? What part do personality, loyalty and word-of-mouth testimonial play? Do they search Google for product reviews before they make a purchase decision? How much do they depend on the opinion of recognized experts – and how do they choose their gurus?

Example: there was a time when IBM was the visible specialist, totally untouchable in the business computer market. As home computers came on the scene, IBM thought they’d also easily dominate these new potential buyers. But they never seemed to understand that the decision-makers in the personal computer market had a vastly different vision and thought process than the business market decision-makers.

People like Michael Dell saw the difference… and a branding opportunity. Dell asked questions and became intimately familiar with the comparison factors that drove the personal computer market. In fact, he got so good at understanding these customers that he expanded and managed to take a big bite out of the business computer market, too. Dell focused on buyer support and on pinpointing different segments of the computer buying market, so he could offer them exactly what they wanted… a perfect example of excellence in branding.