4 Promotional Ideas to Help Grow Your Business During a Financial Crisis

True or false: Your company should keep up its advertising spend, even during a slow economy.


History has proven companies that maintain or increase their advertising investments during economic downturns actually increase their sales.

And promotional products are the best advertising investment you can make. Compared to print, TV and other advertising methods, promotional products lead to higher advertiser recall, increased ROI and better overall impression among consumers. In fact, a recent survey by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) found that using promotional products in your advertising mix can increase brand interest up to 69% and creates a good impression of the brand 84% of the time.

Promotional products can also lead to more frequent or repeated exposure of your marketing message, resulting in a lower cost per impression. More than half of those surveyed said they generally keep promotional products for more than a year, giving the marketing message repeated exposure over a long period of time. Try these long-lasting items to get a great value for your next event or promotion:

  • Calendars – viewed countless times every day, calendars help you extend your brand reach 24/7
  • Post-it Notes -custom notepads let your customers keep track of their notes while keeping your brand visible
  • Key Chains – for the car, house or work, branded key chains help unlock your brand’s marketing potential
  • Magnets – employees and customers alike will be attracted to your brand with logoed promotional magnets

With these great deals on promotional products, your advertising dollar will go even further to help your company stand above the rest during these hard economic times.