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Sports Schedules Are a Great Promotional Idea For Businesses

Guys will argue about sports. They love it, in fact. Collect 3 or 4 guys and put them in a room with a few beers and some pretzels and you have the ingredient for a major league dispute over which team is the best. They argue because they love their team. Sports fans are fiercely loyal.

They Need to Stay Informed

One thing they can’t disagree about is sports schedules. Schedules are one of the most important facets of a sports enthusiast’s life. They are known to adjust their daily activities around “the big game.” If you are a businessperson with the desire to reach a large number of devoted customers, you should attempt to tap into the sports fan market by providing colorful magnetic sports schedules that also display your business information. Each time a fan looks at the schedule – and that is quite often – he will also see your business information. It is human nature to trust someone with whom you feel comfortable, and their constant exposure to your name and business gives them the sense that they know you. You become more familiar to them. And if they know you, they are more apt to buy from you.

Pick From Dozens of Sports

Today there are many sports and activities that require a decent schedule for their games. NASCAR, basket ball, football, hockey, soccer, golf are just a few. Many of those sports have different leagues, too. There is high school, college, and professional sports. You won’t have trouble finding a particular sport to use for your advertising campaign. Even your town’s Little League baseball team is a great activity that requires a schedule.

Receive Much More Exposure

Items such as these get plastered all over town. In businesses, at work, on the refrigerator at home, taverns and restaurants, and just about everywhere people are found. If your business information is on each one of them, imagine the tremendous exposure you will receive. Schedules are looked at on a regular basis, and so will the name, location, web site address, and phone number of your business. Sports schedule advertising promotional products are some of the most effective products in the market today. Don’t let your competition pass you up.

A Product Imprinting Idea Ripped From The Headlines

This money-making, creative idea was the idea of Texas home business operator, Ken Miller. In September, 2001, using his Texas-style humor along with his hand operated pad printing machine, he imprinted golf balls on one side with a photographic image of Osama bin Laden, and on the opposite side of each ball he printed, “Osama Been Gotten.” Despite the fact that the slogan did not immediately come true until now, those golf balls became a huge hit in Ken’s gift shop and in the gift and craft shows and fairs they frequent with their home business lifestyle.

Ken priced the printed golf balls at $3 each. Through a whole source he was able to procure the blanks at 60 cents each. With the hand operated pad printing machine, he was able to print about 90 golf balls per hour, and that lead to a few hours work. To date, he has sold over 10,000 of them. That profitable math is somewhere in the neighborhood of $24,000 in net profit, for a bit more than 100 hours of manual labor on that machine.

Of course, it all began with a simple creative idea. The pad printing equipment was merely the means to turn the idea into money; quite a lot of money. Creating the design only took a few minutes. Single color photographs are easy to render with a pad printer, and the text is whatever one wants to type on a computer. The system makes the template for the machine in about ten minutes. The result is that the equipment can print almost anything on anything.

With the recent breaking news about “getting” this villainous figure who has caused so much pain throughout the world, Ken now enjoys a renewed marketplace for his golf ball idea. Now the villain really has “been gotten,” and a new market emerges for this old idea.

Many creative ideas have been turned in to great cash returns with such simple home-based imprinting equipment. Anyone who can find the poignancy, humor, or social resonance in a current event, can use this as a lucrative form of expression. Ken and others have also created powerful fundraising products by creating designs pertinent to current events. Examples would be products for Haiti earthquake relief for the United Nation’s UNICEF Fund, and Tsunami Relief tee shirts for the American Red Cross. The sales outlets are endless as well, including gift shops, fairs and craft shows, charity fund raisers, and on-line websites. I share Ken’s idea and many others in additional articles to inspire and encourage your own creativity and success.

Promoting Products Online to Make Money

So you have decided that you finally want to break into the world of product promotion and have no clue where to begin. I was in the same boat just a few short months ago before I finally found a program that offered all the training that you need to learn how to promote a product. Some of the first methods that you have to figure out is what product you want to promote out of all the products available.

Figuring out the product that you want to promote is the first step of many that you have to decide on. Now I am sure that when you go to various web sites that they might have a program called affiliates or associates. If you click on that it will take you to a different portion of the site that you might not have seen before as you were browsing. It is called the sign up portion and from that you will receive a special link that can be included on your site for the specific product or products you want to promote.

Now the next question that you are asking is if you do not have a site how can you possibly learn to promote a product. Well various programs are available to help you learn how to promote various products and what keywords are doing well and such. The one program that I would recommend and have found to be best to help me in my fledgling career in marketing and promotion is wealthy affiliate. Now granted it does cost money to join, but the amount of money that you can make is limitless if you are given the proper tools.

Wealthy affiliate is by far the best program that I have found online to help you learn how to promote products. They even include some of the different ways available to make money online without having to spend any out of pocket money first. Once you start making money you can then enter into the world of Pay per click advertising. Now you have to make sure your pages are primed good for the lowest cost to you per click. Now I know that you might think that your page is excellent, but at Wealthy Affiliate they will help you develop a page with ideas from the mistakes that they have made and learned from over the years.

I know that promoting products online can be fun and exciting, but you have to get the proper tools before you can start. Once you find the product that you want to promote you can determine what will be the best method for you to promote the product. With the proper education the amount of money that you can make is limitless.