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Promotional Products: Thinking Inside The Box

Online sales are becoming an ever more significant segment of the country’s retail sector, says Jeffrey Grau in his June 2006 report, US Retail E-Commerce. eMarketerCom magazine concurs, estimating an annual average increase in retail e-commerce sales of 18.6% between 2005 and 2009.

E-shoppers are not only spending more, but Grau says they’re also buying different types of goods: big-ticket items like refrigerators; and luxury products including designer apparel and jewelry. As the e-commerce marketplace matures (its yearly growth admittedly slowing somewhat from the 26% seen a decade ago), experienced e-retailers are exploring methods of promoting repeat sales and ensuring customer loyalty.

One such method is creative gifting–putting a promotional product in with the purchase prior to shipping. The unexpected item is a pleasant surprise for the customer, who is already primed to be satisfied with the transaction.

Helen Bergstein, founder of the home exchange e-business, is a well-known web-based service provider, who recognizes the value of using promotional products. Although shipping products is not required in her line of sales, she does confirm that “the unexpected element of a thank-you gift adds to the total experience of my customers. In fact, in my own experience, people have called just to tell me they really appreciated the extra gesture. It’s a personal touch in an increasingly de-personalized world.”

As long as the promo item is branded with the vendor contact information, the actual gift itself is limited only by the budget and imagination of the e-retailer. Items that are used or seen often by the recipient best meet the strategy of gifting in the first place – keeping your name, your company, your product or service in the forefront of a buyer’s memory. Refrigerator magnets with an original design or look always fit the bill but promo gifts can certainly be either more specific to or parallel with your own product. For instance, in the case of the Digsville Home Exchange Club, promotional key-chains with the logo on them have proved a big hit with members. Bergstein says her customers like the key-chains because “the items relate directly to an upcoming vacation home exchange, especially exciting when it’s time to hand over the house or car keys.”

When the spin-off benefit of positive word-of-mouth advertising is taken into consideration–and who doesn’t like talking about freebies?–the reasons not to add a little token of appreciation in your next shipment just don’t add up. Remember to think inside the box – your ROI will thank you. has over 70 years experience in the promotional products market. With millions of different promotional products on the market making the right decision on the right promotional products for your business would be overwhelming. With our dedicated sales and support team will help you choose the right promotional product for building your business. Visit Farfromboring Promotional Products for more information or visit our Promotional Products Blog for unique promotional products, promotional products specials, and for articles on promotional products for your industry.

Corporate Promotional Gifts Are What Every Company Needs

Companies are struggling in the market to be a part of it. Each company wants to have a bigger part. But because of the economical difficulties, customers try to save their money and not to spend as they used to. Each company wants the customers to buy her products.

In order to accomplish that, they need to promote their products to make the customer know about their products and to convince them to buy them. They need to make promotional campaigns. There are many ways to make the promotional campaign, they can put ads in TV, newspapers, magazines, or on boards that are displayed in the streets. But all of those ways are very expensive and minutes later after the ad is displayed, it’s forgotten.

They need the customers to remember their products, so they need to give them Corporate promotional gifts that are personal, something they need, something they use every day. New ideas have been invented everyday, distributing promotional gifts is the answer for them as they are useful and not very expensive. In addition they can be used everyday which guarantee daily visibility and that means the customer will remember their product.

There are many options to choose from depending on the budget of the company. Those promotional gifts can be: pens, torches, umbrellas, t-shirts, notepads, wallets, mugs, coasters, key chains, caps, mouse mats, folders, bags, mobile phone holders, calendars, planers, computer accessories, stress toys, watches, calendars, fridge magnets, paperweights, business card holders, or many others.

The company can personalize those products with its logo, it can print its name, or picture of the product that it wants to promote. Corporate promotional gifts attract more attention than when the customer hears about the product. Everyone loves to receive gifts, he will keep it, use it, and remember who gave it to him. That’s why companies need to find a promotional gift that is related to their product. If they have plastic products, they can distribute plastic coasters, etc. They also need to choose good quality to reflect a good image for the company.

You can distribute them to all kinds of people in many different occasions; you can give them to your family members, friends, customers, and employees. Also, a good place to distribute them is at social gatherings which make it easier as there are many people in one place. You can give them to customers if they reach a certain amount of purchases, or to your employees to make them more loyal and feel how much they mean to the company.

A lot of effort should be spent to prepare for promotions if you want to succeed. There are a lot of decisions to be made. You need to choose which product you want to personalize and distribute. Check your budget if you want to choose expensive or not expensive gifts. Check to whom you intend to give them to help you choose the best product. Find a promotional item that is related to your product. And choose the most suitable colours and sizes.

Make a successful business, take correct decisions, spend some time, and choose the best promotional gifts to present to other people. You will have your products promoted and at the same time, you will have good relations with people as they like Corporate promotional gifts distributors.

Coffee Mugs – A Classic Promotional Item That Works

It is very important to ensure that you maintain a presence that gives you visibility on the business front to ensure that you have a steady supply of customers that will provide your business with constant revenue. Promotions are an immensely vital important function of any marketing plan that gives a company visibility. The idea of promotions in the from giveaway gifts is to obtain new customer with each new promotional idea. Classic promotional gifts are usually the best way to attract new clients.

Coffee mugs are one of the classic promotional items that really work. Coffee mugs are very common promotional items and you will find them in every household, office or establishment. They are very successful in a marketing strategy or an advertising campaign. The fact that they can be found almost anywhere makes them quite ideal for promotional campaigns. If you want to ensure that you achieve success in your promotional campaigns and get the word out about your products and services, it is advisable to consider coffee mugs for various reasons.

Coffee mugs as a promotional item are not expensive. This makes them quite ideal for the promotion of new businesses or small enterprises. They will give a business the opportunity to promote their goods or services affordably. Ceramics are ideally suited for a promotional campaign and they can be used effectively because they can be purchased in bulk quite cheaply and then customized and used to give publicity to a business.

Coffee mugs are also very functional and this is one very important aspect that a promotional item must have. For any promotional product to be adequate, it must have some functionality. It must be useful and it must be something that can give some satisfaction to the recipient. The fact that coffee mugs can be used in the home, the office and any other establishment gives them a platform that enables them to be used effectively as promotional items.

You can get your logo or design custom printed on a classical promotional coffee mug by selecting from a wide variety of mugs available from many vendors who can get them printed on one color design, multi color designs or even photographic images. There are also very many types of styles, designs and colors and this has made mugs an ideal and timeless promotional product that really works. The greatest advantage of promotional mugs is that they are a promotional item for all seasons and they can be used at any time of the year.

Promotional mugs will ensure that you brand name and image remains in the minds of your prospective customers for quite a long while. Many online suppliers are available who can be contracted to print your promotional coffee or tea mugs. While it is important to look at affordability, it is also very vital for quality to be the guiding factor when looking for the mugs to use in your promotional campaigns. Coffee mugs will work very well for promotional campaigns but it is important to find the right kind of mugs.