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Promotional Lip Balm – Helping Keep Lips Moist While Promoting Brand Awareness

Not that many companies think up of original ideas for promotional items and the use of a promotional lip balm is as original as they come. Using a lip balm or lip salve as a promotional item is ideal for companies that have services that take people outdoors or when they have products that are meant for the outdoors like sports gear and such. You can capitalize on this promotional idea by using these lip protecting products for your own marketing purposes.

Unique Kinds of Promotional Lip Balm Ideas

When you use a promotional lip balm for your marketing ideas, you can actually use these together with other promotional products that have the same kind of purpose or usage. For example, you can package this with a sunblock lotion, sun visor, and a protective umbrella, all of which are products made for sun protection. Here are a few more ideas you can use with a promotional lip salve:

  • You can pair this lip balm with a pair of inexpensive sunglasses for a double protection package from the sun.
  • You can also pair your lip salve and your sunblock lotion with a beach ball or beach towel for beach purposes.
  • A wide brimmed hat can also come with your flavored lip balm and you can place this in a see-through plastic bag with a pair of rubber flip-flops that have your logo or company name on it.
  • Another worthwhile idea that includes a promotional lip balm is one where you can collect all of the different colors and flavors that your company has to offer. You can avail of one lip salve for a minimum purchase or for a certain product purchase.

Different Kinds of Lip Balms

You can use lip balms in different flavors for this campaign of yours and these flavors come in many different colored tubes that have your company name or logo on them. These can even become collectibles if you print different mascots on each tube or flavor type and you can also have the top made in a novel form like the fruit flavor the balm.

  • Another idea for your lip salve marketing giveaways would be to have these as convenient attachments for key chains or have them made into key chains themselves.
  • You can also make these promotional lip balms into prime items if you use branded balms for your giveaway choices and have these given away for people who accumulate a certain amount of purchases from you or if they buy a particular product from your line.

Seven Promotional Marketing Ideas Gleaned From a Box of Detergent

As an owner of a service-based business, finding different ways to position your offerings doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, it could just as simple as taking a stroll through your local grocery store. You can get great promotional ideas by looking at products on the shelf in the store, flipping through magazines and reviewing ads and paying close attention to commercials airing on television.

When brainstorming campaign ideas, look to strategies that are being employed by consumable product manufacturers. Whether it’s laundry detergent or a bottle of salad dressing, we are exposed to special offers throughout the day.

Here are several ways you can market your services like a consumable product:

Bonus features

When a movie goes onto DVD or Blue-ray to sell for in-home viewing, many times the release will contain deleted screens, optional endings and interviews with performers. What bonus can you offer to entice a client to make a purchase? A free, 30-minute consultation, a bonus question and answer session, a free report or analysis?


Co-branding occurs when you join together two or more products into one promotion. Think about how the Keurig single-cup brewing system. It is co-branded with a litany of iced and hot beverage manufacturers, including Green Mountain Coffee, Celestial Seasonings Tea and Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa.

Let’s say you own a CPA firm and you want to create a special offer for tax season to attract more clients. You could partner with a bookkeeping service and strike an arrangement to offer bookkeeping and tax preparation for one price. You can have co-branded materials created and cross-promote the special to both of your ideal client lists.


Americans love their coupons. In fact, there’s a television series that demonstrates how extreme couponers can buy massive amounts of products and take advantage of manufacturer coupons and in-store promotions to walk out the door paying next to nothing for their haul.

Couponing can work for just as easily for your service-based business. You can create a coupon for a percent or dollar discount on specific services or a buy-one, get-one half-off or free offer.

New and improved

You see the use of “new” or “improved” on products when they’ve been reformulated to perform better or provide more value than before. Have you revised or upgraded one of your services? If so, make bold note of it on your packaging.


Rebates are ways to reward customers for making a specific purchase. For example, I recently attended an event that offered an incentive on the registration fee. I paid $1,495 upfront to attend. After I attended the event, I received a $500 rebate check in the mail for attending the actual event.

Redesigned packaging

How many times has your favorite laundry detergent had its packaging refreshed? It could be a different bottle or a change in the artwork on the actual bottle.

Simply redesigning your marketing materials is way you can redesign your own packaging.


Sampling is a way to get your product into the hands of consumers by to offering a free trial or sample. Think of ways you can let your ideal clients take your services for a test drive. This could as simple as providing a complementary consultation.

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Why Companies Prefer Promotional Products?

Do you think that you have been wasting a lot of your business investments in advertisements and banners that don’t really give you enough profits? As a businessman you always need to keep a close watch on what your profit and loss is. Hence, many business owners always make sure that they earn double the money they invest in all their marketing and promoting ideas. However, if you are new to the world of business you need a lot to learn from your competitors. While some business owners try to compete their competitors some try to compete with their own self.

Making the best out of worst is something that will come to you only when you have enough experience and common sense combined. Many business leaders have now learned that business marketing can be done through simple methods as well and therefore ideas like promotional products are back into the market. The trend of promotional products has always been there but to some extent the idea was put down by many established business owners. However, what goes around comes around and therefore the idea of promotional products is back in trend and new entrepreneurs are making the most out of it.

Seeing is believing and that is exactly what the marketing people are trying to do. The idea of promotional products is to keep customers in touch with the companies they deal in. For instance, if you have a business you would always want that your customers see your brand logo at all times. Hence, you provide your customers with simple daily used items with the logo of your company printed on it so that he is always surrounded by your company logo. This is exactly what the multinational companies like Nike and Reebok are doing at the moment and to be honest they are actually making money out of it.

The promotional items are the best way to increase the visibility of your brand in the simplest way. Big companies who are already leading the market competition can throw away thousands of t-shirts, caps and many other small items with their logos printed on the goodies. They can then just distribute or give away those products as prizes or complimentary gifts depending on their business strategy. As per the research it is concluded that promotional items like these save more than 50% of the actual marketing costs that these companies bear which is as good as making 50% profit.