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Simple Ideas in Making Money

Since the decline of the Irish property market, more and more people turned to the internet to get jobs and continue to earn income from online work. If you are interested in making money in Ireland then you could try the following ideas:

Idea # 1 – Paid Surveys

There are many companies that offer a price for the information you can give them to help them build their marketing support and materials. That is where paid surveys come in. You can earn in two ways through paid surveys: one is to answer the survey and the other one is to refer others to answer the surveys.

Idea # 2 – Affiliate Marketing

Promoting products have never been this easy since the invention of the internet. Now, affiliate programs made it possible to spread the income you will make out of a single product by giving a commission to the person promoting another company’s product. This is one of the fastest ways in making money in Ireland since most Irish folks have a large network to whom they could promote the products to.

Idea # 3 – Blogging

Blogs serve different purposes. You can either blog for personal reasons or you can blog about your business. This is another great way to earn money by promoting your own products. If you don’t have products to promote, you can always write interesting articles and gain traffic into your site so that advertisers would pay you to put their ads on your page on the web. This is a very good source of income for most Irish people.

21 Free Or Low-Cost Ways To Market And Promote Your On-Line Business

After developing my product, having not much in my cookie jar to spend on promotion, I researched and found a lot of very effective promotional ideas that brought me success with my personalized cartoon business.

1) In the beginning…

Create your website. If you don’t know how, there are many free templates offered on the Internet. Search on “free website templates” to find one that appeals to you.

If you’d like to learn how to design your own website using HTML there are several tutorials out there:

Boogie Jack’s Dennis Gaskill has an excellent website with tutorials to get you started, along with many “tricks of the trade”. An excellent resource!

Also, Joe Burns has a very informative and helpful website for all new and seasoned website designers; with HTML tutorials, primers and loads of “goodies” to add to your web pages:

2) 1000-Calorie Content

Fill your website with keyword-rich content. Write a description of your product or service and create your keywords to match the content in your description. For example, if you sell stuffed animals the keywords by which you’d want to be found in the search engines could be “stuffed toys, stuffed animals, plush animals, stuffed dogs, plush pets”, etc.

3) Search Engine Buffet

Submit your site to search engines and directories, whether manually submitting through each or using a free multiple submission service that will submit your site automatically to search engines and directories of your choosing or theirs, depending upon the submission site you use. One such site is

4) Chain Links

Exchange links with similar and complementary websites, but not your competitors…I don’t think you’ll hear from them! Email the site’s owner and ask for a reciprocal link. If they agree to add your link, return the favor and add their link on your site. You can create a special page for your favorite links or if you have only a few, simply add them to your main page or any other page on your site.

5) Snappy Sig-File

Create an interesting signature file to be automatically included at the end of your emails. A small, descriptive “blurb” about what you do along with your website address will do it!

6) Newsworthy

Write an ezine, or online newsletter. You can find interesting articles on any subject on the Internet that you can publish in your ezine (search on “free content”) or even write some of your own (see #12). Decide whether your ezine will be produced monthly, biweekly, weekly or even daily if you have enough time and info to share! Always be sure to give the author proper credit! Include his byline at the end of his article and email him a copy of your ezine when it’s ready.

This site has a good article on how to write an ezine:

7) Extra! Extra!

Offer a gift for new subscribers. It can be a report that you wrote on a subject of interest that the new reader can download; or a small sample of your product, or even a coupon for 10% off your products or service.

8) What’s Behind Door #2?

Run a contest to name your ezine. Create a special page with a subscription form on your site. Explain the details and prizes. List your contest on as many contest announcement sites that you can find or publish your contest on discussion groups and forums (see #10 and #11) and other newsletters.

Some contest announcement sites are:

The prizes you offer should be related to your business. You should have a deadline, say a month or so, and be sure to indicate the date on your contest page.

Example ad for contest:

** We need you! **

Get creative…Win prizes!

Our newsletter needs a name;

If we use yours, you win!

Publish the winners on your website and in your next ezine – newly-named, of course!

9) All in the Family

Submit your ezine to ezine lists such as They may even feature your ezine as their daily pick!

Other lists are:

10) Group Therapy

Join Yahoo groups and other similar newsgroups/discussion lists. Subscribe to similar ezines and then exchange ads with ezine owners. List your contest with group owners. Submit your articles too!

11) The Gift of Gab

Participate in discussions on various online forums and message boards, of course using your signature file! (search Online Forums) One such forum is

12) Bank on this!

Write articles and submit them to article banks such as (search on Free Content) and groups (see #10). You can basically write about anything you know, write short stories about experiences you’ve had, helpful articles, your view on a subject you’re comfortable with, for example. Make sure you include your byline or writer’s resource box at the end of your article or story. This can be a short description of your business, a link to your website and a link to your subscription page.

How to write an article:


13) Please release me!

Write a press release about your business, your contest, an organization you’re sponsoring or anything you think is newsworthy. Send it to your local newspapers, to magazines and online press release services (see for an example.

Here’s an excellent article on how to write a press release:

You can post your press release at

14) The Paper chase

If you get featured in your local paper or in a magazine, mention the story in ALL of your promotional materials. Scan it and add to your website or link to the original article if it’s available online.

15) Pick a card…any card!

Distribute your business cards EVERYWHERE. Print a money-saving coupon on the back. Voila! A double-duty card!

16) Fashion Plate

Wear your ads! No, put away that spray paint – it’ll clog your pores! I have t-shirts that I printed on using my color printer and t-shirt transfer paper. Print your logo and/or business name and website address, and wear your creation everywhere (but I’d rethink that black tie event, if I were you!)

For a low-cost logo, visit these guys: They designed my logo for their flat rate of $25 and it is top-notch. I’d recommend them to anyone. Check out the logo they designed for me here: – it’s at the very top of the page.

17) Nifty Gifty

Send an inexpensive but useful gift with each order. Helps your customer remember you and they might re-order from you at a later date. It can even be a coupon for 10% off their next purchase. One of my gifts is a laminated bookmark personalized with the customer’s name. It also shows a miniature edition of the cartoon they just ordered! Everyone loves personalized items. Another idea would be a personalized coaster using CD’s you no longer need, or the freebies you get in your mailbox (the metal mailbox outside your house, not the virtual kind!). See how to here:

Mention “gift with purchase” on your website and include the approximate value if they were to purchase it separately.

18) Mug Shot

Another idea would be to use your logo or a catchy phrase and your website address to print on mugs, mouse pads, and other items. Cafe Press prints the design you upload onto any articles you choose from their vast selection. They do the production, shipping, collecting the funds, and will send you your commission cheque. When you create your online store with them (they have a free version as well as an upgrade to a Premium Shop) be sure to include a link to your own website. Here’s an example: which links to

The Cafe Press website is

19) Happy Campers

Always ask for testimonials. Ask your customers and subscribers for a word or two about your product. If a customer has emailed you to thank you for the handy widget/thing-a-magig/whatchamacallit you sent them, ask if you can use their comments in your next ezine and your “testimonials” web page

20) Analyze this!

Send samples of your product to influential people for a testimonial or for a small write-up in their publication or website.

21) Ad-Vantage

There are many ezines and online companies that offer free ad submissions. Check out Bob Osgoodby’s website. He offers a free ad service (he also has three very informative ezines!). You can check out his site at

These are just a bunch of creative ways to promote your online presence. Try some or all, and when you get the hang of it you’ll probably dream up some more. Have fun with them and see what works for you!

Doctors Should Use Promotional Products Like Dentists Do – 5 Ideas How

I think doctors should give out promotional items like dentists do. We reveal more and pay more to a doctor than we do a dentist, and a little gift would do much to sweeten a doctor’s office visit. Not only that, but a doctor’s office is a business and the goals of better patient retention, increasing patient visits (the health maintenance type) and improving the health of a patient, can be accomplished with a well-orchestrated marketing plan.

Most doctors give out some freebies-but they tend to be prescription drug company samples, and that promotes a particular pill, not the doctor’s services. A better marketing package would add the free pill sample to a bag with a brochure encouraging patient visits for health maintenance, like annual exams or vaccinations. Of course each brochure (and perhaps pill sample) should include a stamp or business card with the doctor’s office information on it.

A good marketing plan would also add a memorable promotional item to the bag. Promotional products that show the doctor cares and that are inexpensive enough to be handed out liberally are ideal. Here are five suggestions:

1. Pill holders-Pills and vitamins get taken daily and so a logo on a pill holder gets noticed every day. Because of its daily visibility, this is one of the best promotional products a doctor could give.

2. First Aid Wallet-This promotion has a business card-like imprint space and its small size makes it very useful (it won’t get thrown away). It has an Advil and antacid packet, three antiseptic towelettes, 4 bandages and a first aid cream packet and adhesive pad. Perfect for on-the-go first aid needs and the patient remembers the doctor when they’re hurt.

3. Child I.D. Kit-This promotional product has an ink strip for fingerprinting, a place for vital information and a personal record-keeping folder all contained in wallet size. Memorable and caring, patients will keep it around.

4. Bandages in a Dispenser-only five bandages (like Band-Aids) are in these colorful dispensers, but its size makes it perfect for the purse or diaper bag. It’s an inexpensive promotion that won’t get thrown out until the bandages are gone.

5. Imprinted baby keys-I think this one is perfect for patients with babies. The logo is printed on a tag hooked onto toy baby keys. Babies like chewing on toy keys, and parents see the logo every day as baby plays. Great logo placement for family doctors.

These five promotional ideas are only a few out of the hundreds of promotions doctors could feel good about giving to their patients. Patients would love to have any of these small gifts in a goodie bag, and doctors can show they care while promoting their business at the same time.