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Sit Back and Relax – Promotional Spa Products

When it comes to promotional spa products… We’ve got you covered! Sit back, relax, and read on for all the information you need regarding logo imprinted spa products.

Why Promotional Spa Items? You can’t go wrong with spa products. Whether you’re using them as prizes for your wellness program, giving them out as gifts to your employees or loyal customers, or selling them for a company fundraiser, custom spa merchandise is a great choice. Spa products are appreciated by employees, customers and prospects alike because they’re useful and make everyone feel good. So what kinds of spa items are available as advertising specialties? Just about anything you can think of. Here are a few examples:

Promotional Towels Besides the fact that everyone uses towels, there are many reasons to use logo imprinted towels for your next promotion:

* Towels are “one size fits all,” so there’s no need to worry about different sizes for all the recipients.
* Towels have a much larger imprint area than most other promotional items, so your logo, message, or company information is hard to miss.
* Towels are durable, so they can be machine washed over and over for endless use.
* They’re useful! Towels are used every day by most people, as well as for fun activities like like swimming, golfing, and boating.
* Towels never go out of style!

Custom Embroidered Robes Embroidered robes aren’t only for hotels and resorts. They can make great gifts for special customers or members, and they also work well for fundraisers. There are dozens of styles and colors to choose from, ranging from simple to simply luxurious.

Promotional Candles Candles are another great promotional spa product that you can have imprinted with your logo. Choose from spa candles, tea lights, votives, travel candles, candle tins with imprinted lids, and more. They’re available in many different scents, as well. Candles make great advertising specialty giveaways because they engage the sense of smell, which is a powerful memory trigger. There’s a great chance the recipient will remember the message you have imprinted on the candle.

Promotional Spa Kits Imprinted spa kits are another great gift idea for both employees and customers. With your help, they’ll be able to relax, renew, and rejuvenate. That’s a gift that anyone could use, and it will most definitely be appreciated. Choose from dozens of kits containing assorted promotional spa products.

Promotional Skincare and Beauty Products Your choices are almost endless when it comes to promotional spa merchandise. Choose from any of the following:

* Sunscreen
* Lotions and creams
* Soaps * Bath salts
* Eye masks and sleep masks
* Aromatherapy
* Footcare
* Nail Polish
* Brushes and combs
* Emery boards
* Lip balm and gloss
* Hand sanitizers
* Bubble bath
* Room Spray

If you’re looking to get your message out there in a memorable way, promotional spa products are always an excellent choice.

How to Pick the Best of Promotional Items

When a company or an organisation is deciding on a promotional gift, it keeps in mind the fact that the gift displays your company name prominently. Printed gifts are chosen as per a company’s business nature to convey the company’s message effectively. If a company sells toys than it should go for items like pens, mugs, watches instead of computer accessories or health or beauty products. Promotional items fit any advertising budget and are in use for longer periods of time. Thus, it is essential to choose good quality products which create a lasting impression on the customer.

Promotional items, according to market experts, if directed in a well planned manner on the targeted audience, enhance the effectiveness of other advertising media. Companies often take the help of experts to customise a product which is appealing as well as useful, so that the client uses it majority of the time. It would be a bad idea to spend more time on surveying around on the cost of the product rather than on its customising. This will only lead to the item being tossed somewhere in a home where it will not be used again.

One basic thing that a company has to keep in mind is that the product chosen should be able to take care of all your business needs and at the same time be useful. A company should keep in mind the needs of the targeted audience while choosing their product. When the target audience are youngsters, toys, frisbees, boomerangs will play an effective role. Certain traditional personalised items like pens, mugs, calendars, key rings, clocks adjust themselves to any advertising campaign. If you are looking for a range of custom items, you can avail them at a one stop shop online destination, where you will have experienced experts at your service 24×7. You can completely rely on us since we have established our image in the market as leaders in this sector.

You can even customise your chosen product with your company name, logo, or other graphics at a reasonable fee and if you place your order in bulk, you can avail discounts. The Internet these days is the best place to find a wide range of items ranging from the ones which have been traditionally used for centuries like pens, calendars to computer accessories like mouse mats and USBs. And if all these and many more are available on one site which gives these items in good quality and at economical prices, it would make things real easy for a company.

Visit online suppliers and select the promotional items to best suiting your needs and requirements.

Do Dairy Products Promote Cancer?

Does Casein Promote Cancer?

For some the idea that we can control disease with nutrition is a radical idea. In fact diet and disease are tightly linked and the American style diet, heavily centered around meat and cheese has serious implications for our health.

One of America’s favorite foods may be greatly increasing cancer rates in America. Many studies carried out over the last decade make it clear that casein, the main protein in cheese and milk, increases cancer growth in people. Yet these facts have gained little public attention because they run counter to advertising campaigns, powerful corporate interests, and long held beliefs about dairy products.

Cancer is the leading killer in the world with around 12 million new cases per year worldwide. Many things cause cancer but eating casein in milk and cheese will increase the spread of cancer in a person’s body.

What is Casein?
Casein is a protein in dairy products made from cows or goats and it’s in human milk. Some people use casein as a protein supplement for body building. 85% of milk protein is casein and the substance is also found in yogurt.

The Cancer Connection
Researchers in India, the US and China and have found that high levels of protein intake can promote cancer growth. Casein promotes cancer growth and the pre-cancer cell clusters called foci. Casein is not a carcinogen, which is a substances that causes the onset of cancer by damaging our DNA. Rather it encourages or feeds cancer or pre cancerous foci cells.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell at Cornell University was the first researcher to bring the casein, cancer link to the attention of the medical and nutrition community in the United States. His book “The China Study” explains the science behind casein and cancer (and the links between animal proteins and other diseases). His book and other professional publications and the work of other researchers show a very clear danger in consuming more than minimal amounts of dairy products for anyone worried about cancer and especially for those who have had or do have cancer.

Researchers noticed that people only need about 10% protein in their diets. More than that amount stimulates pre-cancer cells (foci) to grow. Thus when people eat too much protein, they greatly risk increasing their vulnerability to cancer. Many Americans eat much more than 10% protein with our meat centered diets.

Do all proteins promote foci and cancer growth? Dr. Campbell and his colleagues studied the effects of plant proteins versus casein. What they found was startlingly clear. Plant proteins do not promote foci or cancer growth, even when consumed in very large quantities. Protein from soy, wheat, rice, beans, or leafy vegetables have a remarkably different affect on cancer growth. However, casein dramatically affects foci or cancer cells. Casein turns cancer on and off. Consuming even moderate amounts of milk and cheese will stimulate any cancer cells that may be latent in your body.

These findings were verified with many studies using rats and they were verified in the largest nutritional studies ever conducted in China or anywhere else. In China, many rural people eat little or no meat or dairy products. They rely instead on rice, vegetables and fruits. In those populations, cancer is almost unknown. By comparison, in China’s urban areas where meat and cheese diets are popular, cancer rates are like those found in the United States – high.

Protecting Yourself
The lessons from these studies are very clear. If you have cancer, or if you want to avoid cancer, dairy products should be consumed very sparingly. Use cheese as a small condiment and not every day. Stop drinking all varieties of cow’s milk (there are many other reasons to avoid milk as well) and replace it with soy, hemp or rice milk available in almost any grocery store today. (You can get more calcium from vegetables than from milk).

For more information on the food, nutrition and water visit the link below.