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Tips For Choosing Promotional Gifts

It is the desire of every company to be successful in their business and for this they plan different kinds of strategies that can help them to see more profit and overcome the competition that is present in this recession period. The effective way by which they will be able to overcome the competition is by advertising their product. Promotional gifts are one such way of advertising their product in a very effective way. You can give some small gifts to your customers when they buy some product from you like pens.

The promotional gifts that you give your customer must have the logo of your company or the name of your company as when other people see those gifts,they may be tempted to buy your products and try those things for their use. If you are the one who has no idea about what you will be able to give your customer as promotional gift, then this article deals with some of the small gifts that you can give your customer in order to promote your business. You can give them with small pens. You will be able to get the pen in whatever price range you want. They can be cheap as well as effective.

Don’t forget to have the name of your company or the logo symbol in it as there is more chance that other people who are seeing the logo may buy your products. Key rings are an excellent option and everyone will have a key ring in order to hold their key.So presenting a key ring will be a good plan as they will carry them everywhere they go. Some other options that you have are some small fridge magnets, mugs, logo bugs etc. you will be able to get plenty of idea if you search the internet.

Salon Promotional Ideas for Christmas

Yes Christmas is actually coming and I’m hoping that your salon is well and truly ready to gain maximum results from both your marketing efforts as well as voucher and product sales.

Let’s start with Gift Voucher Sales

Anyone ever noticed how men shop? Yes they tend to run in on Christmas Eve and purchase vouchers then. The salon or spa gift voucher is a sure bet.

So you want to make things as easy as possible.

Make sure both your website and salon retail area screams “Christmas Gift vouchers available here”. Get that message written on your door, on your A-Frame, have it in a plastic insert on your front desk, in all of your treatment rooms… get it out there!

Have you been in contact with the HR departments of local businesses such as banks, office spaces etc that may be trying to come up with an idea for a Christmas Bonus for their high performing staff? Could you create a package tailored to their staff? If you make things easy for people they are more likely to purchase on autopilot.

Next, you want to create a few retail kits that show everyone who walks into your salon that you are a retail center and that they are able to purchase from your business. Bundle your kits into “Gifts under $$49″, Gifts under $99, Gifts under $149, Gifts under $199 and create signs that display this. Once again: Make things EASY for your customers and you’ll reap the benefits.

Now what about your wonderful loyal customers? How can you reward them?

Perhaps sending them a letter offering them a bonus treatment, or small champagne to celebrate the festive season?

Now why would you offer your customer something for nothing?

Firstly, you are saying… “Thank you for your loyalty”. Secondly, you are asking them to come into your salon to collect their Christmas gift/bonus… now once they are IN YOUR SALON, this is where you offer them your January promotion, ask for the next booking, show them your retail products, talk about the new treatments you are considering bringing in the new year, allow them to see that Gift Vouchers are available for purchase… Whatever you do, do not waste this opportunity.

Get all of your staff on board and be prepared. To really pull this off you need to be prepared and clear on the direction you want your salon business to head in next year.

May you enjoy a very prosperous Christmas filled with Joy, Peace & Love

Office Gift Ideas – How to Make Your Promo Items Exciting

Apart from the quality of your products, your customers keep coming back to purchase your items or to avail of your services due to the promotional items or freebies that they get from you. For those who have been operating their businesses for a long time, they already know how to capture their client’s interests but it would also pay a lot if innovations are taken in terms of providing promo items so as not to bore clients.

For those who are just starting out in the business, it is quite a challenge to determine what would make their clients tick or what promotional items can be used to make their products remarkable and worthy of another buy. If you are among those who are not sure which promo item to provide, you can check out different areas where you can get some office gift ideas.

Visit some Offices

To give you concrete office gift ideas, it would be wise if you would visit actual offices or business centres where you can actually witness the common items placed on office tables and what the employees frequently use or need to make their workplace conducive and organised. The office items that are usually present in a working area include:

  • Mugs
  • Pencil holders
  • Pens
  • Note holders
  • Table clocks
  • Organisers
  • Picture frames

Place Yourself on Their Shoes

An effective way of knowing what promo items would excite your clients is by putting yourself in their shoe. Everybody is a customer, in one way or another. If you are the customer of your company, what would you like to receive in order for you to encourage buying your products? What are your needs in order to make working in the office an easier one? Or what will make you a happier customer? The answer to these simple questions will give you office gift ideas that will make serving your clients more enjoyable and profitable.

Browse Through the Internet

Another perfect arena where you can get the best office gift ideas is through the Internet. The World Wide Web is the most up-to-date medium for exchanging and sharing of ideas nowadays. Take advantage of this and get the perfect promotional ideas for your valued customers through the web. You can also have an idea where you can order quality promo items and your other promotional needs through the Internet.