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Business Promotional Products Adds Value to Your Business

Branding is a very important aspect of managing a business. Good products and services aren’t enough to gain the competitive edge in the market – you need to tell people to get them in. You also need to add value to your business and what better way than doing it with business promotional products. Businesses around the world have fallen back on this tried and tested method to connect with their customers and build a long term partnership. A gift can go a long way in turning a onetime customer into a loyal repeat customer.

Promotional products are, in reality, one of cheapest forms of marketing around as they help you reach out to your customers time and time again. When it comes to choosing these products the idea is to offer some promotional items to your customers which has maximum visibility. It also depend what type of business you have, as to what type of product you should be providing. If you are a bank you might give out money boxes, USB’s for graphic design and marketing companies and if you in the health and fitness industry, water bottles. Pens are always a safe bet for any B2B relationships.

You can also contact a printing and marketing company about maximising your campaign, whether you need a promotional page for your website or a mail out to your customers with your letterhead in a branded envelope to maximise your conversion rate, a printing and marketing company will be able to find a solution.

Here are some business promotional products which can add value to your business.

• Key Chains – Key Chains are one of the most popular promotional products which businesses have used over the years. A key chain is an object of daily use which makes it stay with the customers for many years and serves as a great promotional tool. You can choose from an array of materials such as plastic, metal and wooden key chains where you can have your brand name, logo and contact details printed or embossed by a professional printing services provider.

• Promotional Pens – Along with the key chains it is perhaps one of the oldest promotional products that businesses have opted for. Today you will get to choose from a wide variety of pens based on their shapes, functionality and colours for your business. Try opting for bright coloured pens as they tend to catch maximum attention.

• Caps – This is another promotional product which has gained immense popularity in recent years. Whenever there is a large-scale event such as a sports event or a rally, you can distribute your caps among the participants which will promote your business. There are different varieties of caps which can be printed upon. This is one of the most cost effective ways of promoting a brand.

• Mouse Pads – With the advent of the technology revolution laptops and desktops have become a part of every household and thus offering customised mouse pads serves as a good promotional exercise. Create some stunning advertisements and get them printed on the mouse pads which can be distributed among your customers as these will promote your business every day.

• USB Flash Drives – USB Flash drives are another must have products in this e-age. You can have your company’s name and logo printed on these USB Flash drives and have their distributed among your customers. Among all the above items this is surely the most expensive one and can be reserved for your premium customers, with maximum effect.

All these business promotional products serve the purpose of branding a business. All that you need to do is hire the services of a good printing services company which has expertise in offering these promotional products.

Boost Your Brand Exposure With Promotional Luggage Tags

During these days of intense competition, consumers are exposed, actually bombarded, to several promotions and ads all day long. Companies need to find innovative ways to reach people if they want to get more sales or even survive in some cases.

Your marketing plan or strategy should include efforts to get people to know your brand and your offer and to remember it when the time of purchase arrives.

Some experts say that a person needs to be exposed to your ad or brand for at least seven times in order to remember it in the future. It sounds a lot and difficult to achieve at least for me.

Some traditional advertising methods like newspapers or billboards are quite expensive but it’s undeniable that they give you big exposure and the possibility to reach a lot of people. However, if you take into account that a person needs to see your ad seven times or more to be able to remember it, the cost starts to go up becoming impossible to afford specially for small and medium businesses.

A very popular and less expensive alternative is to give away promotional products with your logo and basic info.

When talking about promotional products, the idea behind them is to give your prospects customers something that they’ll keep and not throw away. What is more, in an ideal world, it should be an item or object that they’ll need to use or to look at several times increasing the exposure of your brand.

Table calendars are a very good example of a promotional product that people would probably like to keep and will look at it over and over. However, the main problem with calendars, and many other items as well, is that they’ve become very popular and many companies will use them as promotional items, therefore, people end up with around five or six calendars not knowing what to do with them. If you’re lucky your calendar will make it to the table, however, most of the times quite a lot of promotional products ends on the trash can.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, you need to find a promotional product that besides accomplishing the characteristics mentioned before, it will stand out and people will have a motivation to keep. You need to find a different idea, something not usually done by other companies.

It’s in this scenario that I would like to talk about promotional luggage tags.

Promotional luggage tags are perfect to put your service or product into the public eye. Everyone from frequent travelers to kids need one from one way or another to label luggage or bags. You can put your logo or company name at the front side and leave the back side blank for people to fill up their own information.

Luggage tags and bag tags have become a very useful accessory for people who are traveling, specially for frequent travelers, such as executives, sales people or sports teams. Alternatively, they have other uses, for example, they can be used on back packs, sport bags, instrument cases, computer cases, gym bags, golf bags, strollers and diaper bags.

If you do it right, people will keep your promotional luggage tags for a long time, that’s why it’s recommendable to do them in a durable material such as PVC or plastic. Furthermore, if you want to go one step further we would recommend to include a fun, unique or catchy design so people will have more incentives to keep them.

So, why not give away promotional luggage tags in your next trade show or event or send them to existing customers as a gift?. Word of mouth is an excellent way to promote a business, and personalized luggage tags with your logo simply take it one step further. They’re a worthy addition to any marketing plan.

Promotional Bags of All Shapes and Sizes

There are all kinds of great ideas to advertise your products and one of the most effective is by using promotional products, choosing an item that will be of practical use and then adding your own message, name or logo to it is guaranteed to be a success.

When looking for an item to add your brand name to you should really give it a lot of thought as it’s a decision not to be taken lightly, although the product should preferably be practical it also should be one that will be seen as otherwise you are just wasting your resources. Handing out toothbrushes or other items that are personal won’t be very effective at all as they will be tucked away in the bathroom and limited as to how many people will actually see them, and thus your logo.

Promotional bags are a very successful product fashionable with most companies whether large or small simply because they are so practical. Everyone has a use for a bag from carrying their college files to and from university, shopping, storing the kids’ toys in when off to the park or beach and lots of other uses. They offer a great opportunity for organizations and businesses as they have the benefit of adding a logo and business name with the effect that it’s sure to get seen all over the place.

The amount of money that gets spent on advertising reaches the millions and success can be difficult to measure. Promotional bags are such a simple idea, order them in bright vivid colours and jazzy designs and everyone will want one – get the public to take your name and logo to all kinds of places where they’ll get seen. These kinds of products are a very subtle way to get your brand recognized.

Quality is very important when choosing the material to be used for your Products Promotional, particularly bags as one that splits or goes out of shape after just a few uses isn’t going to impress anyone or do your brand image any favours. A high level of quality will impress customers, make you stand out from competition and let customers know that you are a company that is committed to products using only the best materials and finishes.

Any kind of promotional bag offers an excellent opportunity for branding, if the company only has a small budget then choose paper or economical tote bags for practicality, but if money isn’t an issue and you want top quality then consider a bespoke design as it can really appeal to a specific type of customer.

Recycled products are in demand now as companies the world over become more conscious of the environment and the effects we can have on it. Eco-friendly promotional companies now produce green bags – tote bags are often manufactured from reusable products so you can be assured the planet is being taken care of. Tote bags are a popular choice with the general public as supermarkets in various countries start to ban plastic bags and shoppers look for something to hold their goods that will last a long time and also looks good.

Bags aren’t only for shoppers and adults of course, you can appeal to the younger crowd by investing in trendy backpacks, colourful school bags or lunch bags, entice new mothers by adding your logo to nappy bags, or impress business associates with gifts of leather briefcases – the opportunities are endless you just need to use your imagination.

Choosing bags for your marketing needs makes a lot of sense – they are popular items with people of all ages, they are extremely functional, they will get seen all over the place which makes them perfect for promotions, and they provide excellent brand building opportunities.

Wait, there’s more – they make great gifts for staff or clients, come in lots of colours that can be designed to match the corporate colour scheme, and are versatile! Don’t waste any more time, check them out online today!