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Using Promotions As a Marketing Tool

Promotional items are a common element for marketing used by corporations so their brand or logo helps to increase the positive image of their business. Promotional products can reach your clientele through a variety of mediums ranging from trade shows, trunk shows, in-house promotions or through their own website.

Trade shows and trunk shows are common arenas by which businesses give away samples of products plus general information. This increases the organization’s visibility to a wide variety of demographics. When promotional products are large or of high value, they can often attract the media, which increases again your chances of standing out from the crowd.

Companies often promote items in-store. This can occur at a retailer’s location or at the corporation site. Often, the business will offer coupons or rebates so the customer will see a savings and at the same time marketing the business or specific product. Almost any item can be promoted in-store. Food items, vehicles, home d├ęcor products are just a few that are among the most common.

The internet now plays a large role in promo products, with many companies having a website to use as a tool to get the information about their items out there. The internet can play a great role in promotions. There is a fantastic advantage in using your website because you can reach a large number people at once.

Specific marketing items can be used as well. Such inexpensive items as buttons, bumper stickers, pendants or bracelets can have a great impact on a consumer. Larger items can be used as prizes for draws for purchasers. Different categories of purchases can place the purchaser in a higher valued draw encouraging the consumer to spend more.

Both large and small businesses use promotional products. Companies just starting up will often use this type of promotion introduce themselves to customers. A pamphlet, flyer, or brochure is an inexpensive way to promote for a small company with a limited budget. Larger companies can get into full marketing campaigns with lots or expensive marketing products in order to reach the maximum number of people possible. A widely used promotion scenario is the ‘Buy One, Get One’ sale using a coupon that can be downloading from their website and then taken to a retailer to be redeemed. This promotion idea is a two-fold approach first getting the client to your website and then to the store. This can be very successful as you have introduced the client to your product twice.

Promotional items can be a powerful tool for any businesses, helping you to reach the maximum number of people in a short space of time with a small amount of cost. This is a viable marketing strategy whether you are a small or large businesses, new business or been around for a long time. People love a deal and whether they receive a gift product or are invited to enter a draw, they are more likely to remember your product, your name, your logo.

Keywords, Key To Promotional Ideas

 Imagine this you just landed an appointment with a potential client, a large client who is a big user of promotional products.

They see the value in investing in branding campaigns throughout the entire year. Now what will set you apart from your competitors who also have confirmed appointments with this potential client? Covering the basics, we look at what products they have used in the past and for what type of promotions, be it a trade show, client awareness, product or service launch? The idea is, we drill down until we uncover what’s important to their business, the trends in their industry, what their competitors are doing then we can begin the process of developing product ideas around the clients specific promotional agenda. The promotional product business has evolved well beyond a commodity business where a pen is a pen. Today, clients need to deliver results for every dollar invested in any marketing endeavor and that’s where you have a tremendous opportunity to shine and outperform your competition. Let’s look at some simple tools that are available, free to use and provide a wealth of information. Tools are just that, vehicles you will need time and some resourcefulness to really undercover their strengths and how they will help you. Once you understand their usefulness you will be amazed at how easy and effective these tools really are.

 Next, we can begin to look at keywords using the Google AdWords,, this is one tool that will provide you ideas around your clients business, industry and even trends, Start compiling a list and make notes from here you can do a web search, I use Google because I like their wonder wheel feature which will provide you with a resource of keywords around your particular search. The wonder wheel feature is available on the left side below all results and you open the wheel and type in your keyword and from there the wheel will begin giving you keywords based on your search request. The wheel provides search data and remembers search data is based on actual searches rendered so the data is very reliable. Now you have data from searches rendered next you can search trends and ideas around an industry, story or theme.

Again, make a list of related keywords specific to your clients business and industry and compare that list to your original keyword and trend lists. As I work through this process, I begin to develop a sense of my clients business, their products and their services another plus, is you actually start to learn about your client’s business. Now you know much more about your clients business, their industry, trends, competitors and can begin the process of identifying products that make sense provide value and demonstrate to your potential new client that you understand their business, value the relationship and that you are not just a product sales company.  The idea is to use tools that are available in creative ways that will allow you to think around your competitors.

How to Market Wedding Photography Business and Positively Increase Your Income

How to market wedding photography business and beat your competitors? Here you will find the answer for that question. Wedding photography is paid awesomely but not many businesses in this field can survive. Plus, there are many competitors right now so you really need to market your business greatly. Thus, how are you going to market your business? Let’s find out.

1. Networking!

This is your business and it is your responsibility to get as many customers as you can. Improve your social skills and make sure everyone that knows you, know your job. It is pointless if you know many people but they don’t know what you are doing. How to market wedding photography business if people think photography is not your serious job?

Make sure everyone knows wedding photography is your serious job.

In any successful business, communication is the key. Always be polite to your clients and they will recommend you to their friends.

2. Bring freshness to your pictures.

Are you using the same techniques while taking your photos for years? Hopefully not. In order to survive in photography business, you need to always improving your techniques and learn new thing.
It will give freshness to your pictures and your clients definitely will love them. Are you updated with the latest poses for wedding? Always check out what are the poses the bride and groom really asking for.

3. Understand customer psychology

Not many wedding photographer will send thank you letter to their clients. Do you know that a simple thank you letter will make them feel appreciated and happy with your service?

Happy customer brings another customer. If they are fully satisfied with your service, surely they will recommend you to their friends and family.

You also need to listen to their ideas as it is their wedding day. Ask them what they want and make them believe you will make it come true. Capture those beautiful moments and they will generously pay you an awesome check.